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The Russians have said this all along… The Neocons wanted war and they wanted Assad out.

Eva Bartlett and others have said this from ground zero

General Mattis now Officially agrees

How many lies after “Weapons of mass destruction” has the west been fed to justify the take-down of regimes in the middle east to install radicals?

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Great Commentary, Great Summary

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Constitutional Crisis? An outside perspective.

Mark Passio True Anarchist

I watched recently a video from one Mark Passio who has a website and general theme called “What in the World is Happening?” Without going into his bio suffice to say I don’t think there is any doubt that he is genuine, in the sense that he totally believes and I think lives what he professes.

Having said that, his ideas are somewhat jarring, and his presentation can be quite harsh sounding. He is definitely not fooling around and means what he says.

He has gone politically/ideologically well beyond libertarianism into likely the most pure form of anarchy I have heard. And he does not mince words about Continue reading

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Well, it has been awhile!!!

Last post was April 2017. Haven’t blogged due to illness; I was sick of blogging!

Actually, time being my most precious asset recently, and with other things taking priority, blogging took a back seat. That is pretty much it, by way of explanation.

I have been paying attention to what is happening in the world, but perhaps my approach to the news has changed somewhat. Let us just call it being less engaged in responding to events and rather observing them more closely and also observing who can be trusted to inform and who is mostly disinformation.

The most reliable source of information is the internet, but you have to know how to filter it. Press and radio pretty much all follow a script which is tilted one way. Some of them play at being contrarian but it is all within a certain boundary. Much like the discussion of the hockey league of an earlier post, there is competition within the league, sometimes even contrived but there is a league boundary which nobody crosses. That is the Main Stream Media (MSM)

The internet has enclaves rather than leagues. There is extremism from every direction and there is a vast middle as well. What is most helpful in filtering is a basic understanding of human nature, and human response. There are a variety of echo-chambers where many of like mind link and re-post like the social media model usually based on ideology, particularly when it comes to news reporting.

One of the best ways to assess a site or blog that carries news videos is to compare what is interpreted or summarized with the actual news video presented. It tells a lot about the care of the poster for accuracy, and how dedicated they are to a theme regardless of fact.

If a site is banned or censored or otherwise hidden or attacked by the moguls of twitter, facebook and or youtube, it is worth checking to see why, particularly if it is politically oriented, socially or religiously oriented. That is a peg around which we can swing because the SJW types that run those sites are a known quantity and we can narrow our searches for info by their bias.

In any event, it has been a newsworthy year, but most recently it got cranked up a long way. The fallout or backlash from the recent FISA memo from Devin Nunes of the US Congress will be interesting to observe. America is in a revolution even though a lot of them as well as the rest of the world do not even realize it. Probably a majority of Americans are aware of it, at least the majority that elected President Trump.

There will be a lot more to follow.

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