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Who do you pray to?

Perhaps it is too early after the horror to say this, but I hear it every time there is an event of this nature, and I hear it from people who should know better, including national leaders, etc. Maybe it… Continue Reading →

Horror in Nice

Where does evil come from? It is hard to tell from this man’s background… How do you quantify this? Not typical terrorism, not a typical terrorist. A deadly puzzle… There is already so much outrage and by what I’ve heard… Continue Reading →

Awesome… Jupiter…

Poor hard done by Jennifer…

Seriously? For a woman who built her career in front of a camera and that based in large measure on how she looks, I think she’s just a little bit overly testy. OK, she`s also a talented actress in her… Continue Reading →

We must follow the leader I guess…still a big mistake

Canadian army pulls anti-tank missiles out of storage as tensions increase with Russia Playing chicken with Putin is a dangerous game I think.

The Money Changers

Someone asked why do you talk of money changers? Matthew 21:12, Mark 11:15, John 2:14-15 of the New Testament. So what is the moral difference between those who sold temple money at a profit to the poor, and those people… Continue Reading →

Please… you might fool brain-washed college students…

“They feel threatened by a world that is changing in ways that they don’t understand, much less like.””They fear losing their jobs, their country and their culture, and they are poised to lash out in ways that are dangerous and… Continue Reading →

Seriously? Anti-semetic?

If this seriously is considered anti-semetic then we know why the Democrats have the candidate they have for president. Their minds have gone and they have the candidate they deserve.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…

EXODUS CHAPTER 5 (Excerpts) [6] The same day Pharaoh commanded the taskmasters of the people and their foremen, [7] “You shall no longer give the people straw to make bricks, as heretofore; let them go and gather straw for themselves…. Continue Reading →

Tesla Model X goes off the road …

… and crashes in Montana, driver blames the Autopilot Mmmm…and I was thinking about getting one of those, see how it would do on ice and snow. Better to stick with a Ford Model T over the Tesla Model X… Continue Reading →

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