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This looks like fun…

Much better than standing around with your face in a cell phone!

This Speaks For Itself – Brain Shutdown

The Result of Public School, High School, College and MSM

Why doesn’t Trump believe the CIA about Russia? Perhaps this is why…

It’s a bit long, about 3 hrs and despite being held as a Senate Democrat hearing it is remarkably balanced. I believe Trump has his own sources that tell him there is an internal battle in the CIA and other… Continue Reading →

New Video at LJ R


Maybe We Will See A Change of Policy Now That Clinton Is Out

Enough Said

Who’s Intolerant?

In Part How They Got it so Wrong

Here’s something that had occurred to me and is well stated by Stephan Molyneux at OpenMInd. In this entire episode they are giving credit to many in the alternative media for their work throughout the Trump campaign. This, I think,… Continue Reading →

Putin – Restore Relations with US

This ought to be a priority in the Trump administration. “Restoring full-fledged relations” between the nations. I certainly hope so. If anyone can sit down with Putin and do this, it is Trump. Negotiating deals is his forte, and I… Continue Reading →

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