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Just a question… or two… or three…

Why now, in 2017, is suddenly religious intolerance a big social issue, a cause celeb? This is the principle behind the anti-Islamophobia (so-called) outcry in the West, in Canada and the U.S. is it not? Where was this righteousness in… Continue Reading →

Precisely. Perhaps this has something to do with Islamophobia bill in Parliament?

And another question, is the media censorship bill pending in Canada have any bearing on the recent Trudeau vacation with George Soros? That man is capable of orchestrating anything. Trudeau is a babe in the woods when messing with an… Continue Reading →

Trump and the WHA…

If you are a pro hockey fan, I don’t know if you remember the time when the NHL was challenged by the existence of a new League called the World Hockey Association. There are some remnants of that era even… Continue Reading →

Another flash mob

Love the harmonies in this one. There is nothing more uplifting musically than human voices…

Here’s the Reason for Alternative Media

Some simple sleuthing online tells the story about the so-called “Muslim Ban.” The list of nations was determined by Homeland Security in 2015 and basically cut-and-pasted into Trumps’s executive order. It had nothing to do with religion other than by… Continue Reading →

On a lighter note..

Here is a trend I like. Hope it catches on everywhere. Ever notice that everyone is beautiful when they smile? Or this one, admittedly an ad for a performance. This is true street theatre in my opinion and if you… Continue Reading →

Weird Indeed…

Update: Eva Bartlett was right…

Maybe We Will See A Change of Policy Now That Clinton Is Out “Let the Syrian people decide their own future.”

Place For the Refugees Refused by the U.S Closer Than Canada

Feminists Allied with Islam

Goes to show that feminism today is not about equality or freedom or anything remotely of the kind. It is all about someone else’s agenda, that being world government and the end of free people. They are pawns allying themselves… Continue Reading →

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