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Just a question… or two… or three…

Why now, in 2017, is suddenly religious intolerance a big social issue, a cause celeb? This is the principle behind the anti-Islamophobia (so-called) outcry in the West, in Canada and the U.S. is it not? Where was this righteousness in… Continue Reading →

Why doesn’t Trump believe the CIA about Russia? Perhaps this is why…

It’s a bit long, about 3 hrs and despite being held as a Senate Democrat hearing it is remarkably balanced. I believe Trump has his own sources that tell him there is an internal battle in the CIA and other… Continue Reading →

Nigel Farage the Inheritor of the Churchill Mantle?

Some fun with Nigel… He’s got a great sense of humour. He can take it. As for me, hey, its been awhile since I felt a little bit proud of my English heritage.

The Mood of The West is Right for Trump

If you want to understand the Trump movement, regardless of his own personal idiosyncracies and political incorrectmess (perhaps even because of his political incorrectness!), just look at the motivation of independence that fuelled Brexit. There is a definite connection. Personally… Continue Reading →

UK’s new PM Theresa May

She may not be the next Margaret Thatcher but she is already kicking cabinet butt and I like that she is going directly to Scotland to try and mend that fence.  Good move. She’s incorporating some of the Brexit people… Continue Reading →

On Sovereignty

…the Ukrainian people deserve the opportunity to determine their own future… -President Obama. Read more

Subsidiarity At Work

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FiZ90wz9eI Question or two for the Centralizers and Globalists; Why is it that diversity never seems to translate to autonomy and self-determination? Why does “why can’t we all just get along?” always seem to mean a central enforcer? The petulance… Continue Reading →

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