Another take on a question posed in another post…

Jasper Woman Denies Holocaust

In this post I said the following;

The average person in Germany did not know what was happening, any more than the average person in Canada.


The real question, and it is a very scary question, is how that an otherwise civilized society could see the rise of a leader like Hitler and the Nazi party, and not realize how sick the inner circle really was, that they could conceive and execute such a horrific program.

Scary indeed and what Jordan Peterson says here gives an answer perhaps I would not want to consider, as others would not want to consider…

From George Orwell to George Soros

I disagree with Nigel Farage on one thing and that is the motivation of George Soros. One thing we do know, is that he is remorseless about his role in the Nazi elimination of the Jews.

A man with his resources, without conscience only uses “philanthropy” as a means to a greater end. In this case, he does want to see the end of western civilization, and the barbarians are the means to that end. Independence in a nation or a people is the main obstacle to his world vision, the one where an elite few like him are totally in control.

No thanks.

Feminists Allied with Islam

Goes to show that feminism today is not about equality or freedom or anything remotely of the kind. It is all about someone else’s agenda, that being world government and the end of free people. They are pawns allying themselves with the worst of the world’s oppressors of women in their blind hatred of Trump.
The sad part is that they will reap the rewards of that alliance, and even sadder is that many innocent women will suffer as a result as well.