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Genes Don’t Control Biology

Now they call it EpiGenetics You actually are what you think… with a catch… Conscious thought is only about 5% of the total of what your mind is doing constantly. Your dominant thoughts are not what you consciously think they … Continue reading

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From George Orwell to George Soros

I disagree with Nigel Farage on one thing and that is the motivation of George Soros. One thing we do know, is that he is remorseless about his role in the Nazi elimination of the Jews. A man with his … Continue reading

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Fascinating …

…the way that studying a deadly snake is fascinating. Propaganda award goes to CNN.  This is the wake of the events in Korea, the exoneration of Trump and Associates by the Congressional Investigations.  Bizarre.  As Posobiec says, they are in … Continue reading

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One of My Mother’s Favourites

Nicely Done

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Flat Earthers… what?

A Recent Idea If you have spent any time scanning around the web you may well have come across the idea that the earth is flat. No this is not a discussion of an ancient mythology of some sort which … Continue reading

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