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Enough Said

Who’s Intolerant?

In Part How They Got it so Wrong

Here’s something that had occurred to me and is well stated by Stephan Molyneux at OpenMInd. In this entire episode they are giving credit to many in the alternative media for their work throughout the Trump campaign.

This, I think, is exactly true.


Putin – Restore Relations with US

This ought to be a priority in the Trump administration. “Restoring full-fledged relations” between the nations. I certainly hope so. If anyone can sit down with Putin and do this, it is Trump. Negotiating deals is his forte, and I believe he already has the respect of Putin. If it will deflate the tensions that are now building between east and west.

Talking them off the ledge

Ever hear someone talking someone else off the ledge of a building when they are threatening to jump? This is what this sounds like to me. Everyone on the Dem side was frothing at the mouth over Trump and now they have to turn over the government to him. All the people they have pumped into a frenzy to win now must be deflated gently before they commit suicide or something like it.
I must say, Obama did a good job of suicide counselling here.

President-elect Trump

Look at it this way, if Canada can elect a drama teacher as Prime Minister, America can elect a reality TV show host as President.

Nigel Farage the Inheritor of the Churchill Mantle?

Some fun with Nigel… He’s got a great sense of humour. He can take it. As for me, hey, its been awhile since I felt a little bit proud of my English heritage.

The Mood of The West is Right for Trump

If you want to understand the Trump movement, regardless of his own personal idiosyncracies and political incorrectmess (perhaps even because of his political incorrectness!), just look at the motivation of independence that fuelled Brexit. There is a definite connection. Personally I hope it catches fire across the world.

Worth Seeing Again

Hillary has been a big part of the problem for the past 8 years. She will only accede to the war-mongers because they own her.

The Western Media… Russia annexed Crimea! Really? Check this out…

…what do you think?  Is it possible that Putin is right and the western media are not free to say anything except what the America government wants them to say?

I think one thing is sure. If Hillary is President you will see escalation with Russia. They will keep provoking until things are at a high tension level. They will continue to blame Putin, until someone’s nervous trigger finger somewhere starts a live fire incident which can bring us dangerously close to major war with Russia.

Trust but verify. I think we have to at least for now take Putin at his word, that he does not want a major confrontation and that he wants things to cool down between the U.S. and Russia, and he needs the people of the west to see that he is being provoked.