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  • The Western Media… Russia annexed Crimea! Really? Check this out…

    …what do you think?  Is it possible that Putin is right and the western media are not free to say anything except what the America government wants them to say?

    I think one thing is sure. If Hillary is President you will see escalation with Russia. They will keep provoking until things are at a high tension level. They will continue to blame Putin, until someone’s nervous trigger finger somewhere starts a live fire incident which can bring us dangerously close to major war with Russia.

    Trust but verify. I think we have to at least for now take Putin at his word, that he does not want a major confrontation and that he wants things to cool down between the U.S. and Russia, and he needs the people of the west to see that he is being provoked.

  • Same Theme as Brexit

    Nigel Farage could have written this speech.

  • Nice, France attacker update

    Interesting. Doesn’t explain what motivated him that day, however.

    Something’s funny here. The guy they are describing doesn’t just randomly do this.

  • Jasper Woman Denies Holocaust

    Goes to show you can post anything on Youtube.

    You know, after listening to her story, I do understand why she is doing it. She says it. She is trying to expunge a great shame on what she feels is her heritage. It seems to me she is unable to distinguish between German heritage and culture and that horrible time created by the inner Nazi circle and those in the military and political elite who were complicit. So, ultimately, she denies the facts, facts which have been verified over and over.

    She speaks of a big lie but she hasn’t rationally thought through from the facts that she will accept to the rationale behind the so-called “lie.” It makes no sense to anyone not directly involved in the events, and who can be objective about history after the fact. Why such a lie? History reports that the Aliies and the people at home in Canada and America could scarcely believe what they were being told. There had been rumours of some atrocities but it was the evidence of those who actually were there, boots on the ground, ordinary soldiers sickened and horrified by what they found.

    Her Mother Was Right

  • UK’s new PM Theresa May

    Prime Minister May 4551

    She may not be the next Margaret Thatcher but she is already kicking cabinet butt and I like that she is going directly to Scotland to try and mend that fence.  Good move.

    She’s incorporating some of the Brexit people so it seems to me she wants to move forward with the job of independence, but at the same time is trying to unify the Kingdom.

    I think leaders like Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama need to get over their gloomy tsk-tsk-ing about Brexit and extend a public hand to Theresa May.  Unless of course they secretly hope she and the UK are not successful and prosperous.

  • Who do you pray to?

    Perhaps it is too early after the horror to say this, but I hear it every time there is an event of this nature, and I hear it from people who should know better, including national leaders, etc.

    Maybe it is a small point but it irritates me to no end to hear people say, “our prayers go out to the families of the victims” or something similar.

    Really, you are going to pray to the families of the victims?  It is they that need you to pray for them, presumeably to someone powerful like God who can do someting to help them.

    Now, if you said, “our prayers go out FOR the families of the victims” it would make sense.

  • Horror in Nice

    Where does evil come from? It is hard to tell from this man’s background…

    How do you quantify this? Not typical terrorism, not a typical terrorist. A deadly puzzle…

    There is already so much outrage and by what I’ve heard people saying, it is beginning to sound like retribution is on everyone’s mind.
    Understandable, but until there is some sense made of how and why this Tunisian went ahead and did this it may be a little early to go into action.

  • Poor hard done by Jennifer…

    Seriously? For a woman who built her career in front of a camera and that based in large measure on how she looksjennifer-aniston, I think she’s just a little bit overly testy. OK, she`s also a talented actress in her own right.

    Still, she would be clamouring for face time if the media ignored her. Come on.