Fascinating Wide Ranging Discussion

2 3/4 hours long.  When they say long format they are not kidding.

I don’t think there is any doubt that Jordan Peterson is not a Christian in any sense of the term that most Christians would identify with.

I can see why students were praising Bret Weinstein as a professor.  Very articulate and clear minded.  He is on the left in politics but well worth the listen.  Evergreen’s loss is the world’s gain.

The discussions on the precarious nature of the current political/social situation in the U.S. (and to some extent spilling over into Canada as well) are right on the mark in my opinion.

Perhaps it is a good thing that men like Weinstein and his brother Eric have been brought out into the open forum by the vicious hard left who have been doubling down on vitriol, lies and instigating mayhem and who don’t tolerate anyone on the left who is rational and doesn’t want a civil war in America.

It is also a positive sign that there are large numbers of people who are interested in the discussion of the real world and the possibility that the polarities in politics can co-exist and find some common ground.

As strong articulate people from all sides can sit and discuss important and contentious issues, it provides hope for the future, where pessimism is so easy to fall into.  There is one thing about Peterson’s analysis here and in many places that I tend to agree with, and that is that free markets create inequalities and that while it is a tough problem to deal with, it must be dealt with, or there is a huge price to pay.

The “hand across the aisle” is a cliche, it is true, and often just a platitude, without honesty to back it up.  But if the discussion takes place away from the politicians and in good faith, perhaps there is a way to diffuse the worst of the vitriol from the extremes when the large middle deserts them.

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