The Great Awakening

What does that mean?

(Video edited for brevity original video @ Aspen Institute Youtube channel)

A Gutenberg Revolution…

…TV has made us think we are stupider than we are..

New Ideas

As often is the case I will hear something from someone that may have been said many times, when suddenly it clicks in a new way for me. Perhaps that is a commentary on my intellectual abilities or lack thereof, but I think it has more to do with escaping habitual thinking, if just for a moment. In this case it happened in the first seven and a half minutes of the interview/Q&A at Aspen Ideas.

Perhaps I am a little thick because I have found listening to Jordan Peterson for any extended period a little tedious at times. Not necessarily from what he says but likely the mind stretching and workout necessary on my part to follow him. Probably laziness more than anything, if I were honest.

But in this case, while most of the interview is a rehash with tweaks of what has been said many times, he comments on the fact of the internet and its ability to reach a lot of people, a given you might say, at this point in time, but what is striking is the fact that we are living in one of those periods of history that will be looked back on as a turning point, for a very long time.


It is probably more accurate to call it a convergence, and not all of the elements are compatible with one another. That necessitates decisions about the path we take from here.

We have heard from various sources about a great awakening. If you listen to the people heavily involved in the Trump movement in the U.S. you often hear the expression from the movie Matrix wherein the character Neo is brought out of the Matrix and sees it for what it is, which is now called being “red-pilled” in the lexicon of popular expressions. This is one type of “awakening.”

Some in the same arena go further talking about an “awakening” which means absorbing the bigger picture regarding the intentions of the globalists who financially have backed the opposition to Trump, and in the past have contributed to the deliberate dumbing-down of Americans, the downward slide of the American economy as well as the downward slide of the morality of the people. In this context the “awakening” is an awareness of a vast conspiracy on a global scale to rape America, create worldwide unrest and war and solve the situation through a one world government. In shorthand, according to this perspective, the nationalist movements worldwide are a symptom of the “awakening.”

Still others, in the world of science, have been pushing back against the establishment and the dogmas of science in almost any area of study. These are not people with a religious agenda per se, as has been the case in the past as Religion and Science have been pitted against each other, somewhat falsely, in my opinion. These are people within science who have recognized that recent discoveries have cast serious doubt on established dogmas in many areas, particularly biology. This is sometimes called an “awakening.”

Likewise there are those pushing back against the dogmas of the historical and archaeological establishment. These are not fringe people although the establishment likes to try to paint them that way. This is likewise an “awakening.”

In the world of philosophy, psychology and religion there is another push-back against not only established religions but established atheism, and even some of the New Age dogmas.

At the level of media, there is a massive push-back against those who have controlled the message for a very long time.

All of these elements and more, seem to be converging right now into an unknown future.

The Medium

As Jordan Peterson points out, the enabler of all of this “awakening,” is the internet. It is having a much larger effect than anyone who originally praised it for its educational potential could possibly guess. So much so that certain places in Europe are trying to stem the free flow of information online because it is having the effect of allowing the people to join the “awakening,” and that tends to mean that people are rejecting centralized control and replacing it with nationalism.

But in the context of intellectual engagement and learning, it is clear that the Peterson phenomenon is the indicator that as he says the people are ready and hungry for it, and I think the potential for the uplifting of the entire world is right there in front of us. The possibilities are almost unbounded.

The common indicator of the old guard, the controllers, is their opposition to the free flow of information. But the cat is now out of the bag, so to speak, and people have had a taste. Those who would try to catch that cat and put it back in the bag are in for a serious clawing.

Danger Ahead

All joking aside, if those who represent the old guard, those who have been in control, do not accede quietly, and there is ample evidence that they will not, there is great danger ahead.

The case of Tommy Robinson is all about the control of information and we see to what outrageous lengths the government of the UK will go to silence him. Like him or not, Alex Jones had this dynamic figured out years ago, and that is the reason for the name InfoWars. It really is becoming an information war, or at least we are seeing it now.

But what Peterson, et. al. are doing is going after the very bedrock of the cultural rot, and it is going to be difficult for anyone who might want to, to reverse the trend of popular intellectual study. And the more knowledge people get the less likely they are to fall for political ideologies that are suicidal.

There are those in the world that would be happy if the entire globe was one big Venezuela, because those people believe they would be unaffected and would have total control. But at this point they would have to shut down the internet and kill a lot of people to make it happen. And in a fight of that kind, the outcome is not certain. I hope they don’t try it.

There is a new world order emerging, but it is not the kind that was envisioned when that expression came into popular usage. Indeed there is an “awakening.”