Precisely. Perhaps this has something to do with Islamophobia bill in Parliament?

And another question, is the media censorship bill pending in Canada have any bearing on the recent Trudeau vacation with George Soros? That man is capable of orchestrating anything.

Trudeau is a babe in the woods when messing with an old Nazi collaborator like Soros. He is capable of anything. His foundations supported 49 of the 51 groups licensed by Washington DC to protest the inaugeration.

It is not yet clear who was funding the rioters at Berkeley.

Trump and the WHA…

If you are a pro hockey fan, I don’t know if you remember the time when the NHL was challenged by the existence of a new League called the World Hockey Association. There are some remnants of that era even today, the Winnipeg Jets, and Edmonton Oilers come to mind.

I don’t remember all the details, because I was young at the time but in general the players in the NHL did not like how they were being treated and paid and when the WHA offered better some of them left, including arguably the NHL’s biggest star, Bobby Hull. The WHA did not last long, ’72 to ’79 but long enough to cause some of the changes necessary in the NHL.

I bring this up because it seems perhaps one of the best analogies to the Trump phenomenon. The analogy is not perfect, of course, but it helps the mind to understanding the principle.

It is my belief and the belief of many that over the recent past going back as far as the 19th century at least, if not further, that the politics that we see, left and right, whig and tory, republican and democrat, conservative and liberal, etc. are really teams playing within the same league. The competition is fierce and the partisans are vocal and it is great sport. The political media are just like the sports media, all with their own special teams and special players, but in the end it is all the same sports bar mindset, talking about the same league.

Enter Trump. He was voted to be captain of one of the teams on the basis that he was going to change the league, challenge the league owners and board of directors. His agenda is way bigger than just winning a championship or a cup. He wants to change the league itself.

Imperfect analogy, yes, but it gets to the point that is driving Trump and his supporters. He wants a home-grown league owned and operated once more by the people, not foreign owned, and defacto part of a world association that can dictate the rules of play within America, as well as its prosperity.

Like the idea or not, that is what is being played out. Will he be successful? That is hard to determine at this point. The opposition is fierce and has many useful idiots at its disposal, most who don’t have any clue what the real stakes are and who they are actually playing for.

Here’s the Reason for Alternative Media

Some simple sleuthing online tells the story about the so-called “Muslim Ban.” The list of nations was determined by Homeland Security in 2015 and basically cut-and-pasted into Trumps’s executive order. It had nothing to do with religion other than by obvious extension to the motivation of ISIS and their ilk, and it had nothing to do with where Trump’s business empire did business.

Now that is fabrication on the part of some MSM news organizations and laziness on the part of others based on a narrative already written.

Obama’s administration made the “Muslim ban” possible and the media won’t tell you

Surprise surprise, the BBC actually covered this with balance. Kudo’s to them.

On another note, one of the latest crisis stories on Facebook is Trump’s appointment of Bannon to head national security and demoting the DNI and Chairman of the joint chiefs. The post calls Bannon a white supremicist. That finished it for me, because I have studied that claim when it was first made. It isn’t true. He is an American nationalist. Massive difference. That taints anything else in the story.

Perhaps those people missed it but Trump, before inaugeration, did a little test because everything that went on in his National Security briefings, even the fact that he had one, was leaked to the press. He didn’t tell anyone about a particular meeting, not even his own personal secretary, but lo and behold the press discovered it.

No wonder he doesn’t trust those people, now more than ever when the meetings he is going to have discuss policy, not just updating information. What will happen now is that he will get real info from them because they cannot second-guess policy and tailor their reports, as happened in the past, under Bush and Obama.

Thus the U.S. MSM narrative perpetuated. Their hatred of Trump knows no bounds and neither does their capacity to outright lie and mischaracterize him and his actions.

Why doesn’t Trump believe the CIA about Russia? Perhaps this is why…

On a lighter note..

Here is a trend I like. Hope it catches on everywhere. Ever notice that everyone is beautiful when they smile?

Or this one, admittedly an ad for a performance. This is true street theatre in my opinion and if you want to challenge people’s everyday complaisance, this how you get their attention. Much more effective than bricks and bombs…

Or maybe Greek is more your style…

I love it…