Day: July 17, 2016

Nice, France attacker update

Interesting. Doesn’t explain what motivated him that day, however.

Something’s funny here. The guy they are describing doesn’t just randomly do this.
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Jasper Woman Denies Holocaust

Goes to show you can post anything on Youtube.

You know, after listening to her story, I do understand why she is doing it. She says it. She is trying to expunge a great shame on what she feels is her heritage. It seems to me she is unable to distinguish between German heritage and culture and that horrible time created by the inner Nazi circle and those in the military and political elite who were complicit. So, ultimately, she denies the facts, facts which have been verified over and over.

She speaks of a big lie but she hasn’t rationally thought through from the facts that she will accept to the rationale behind the so-called “lie.” It makes no sense to anyone not directly involved in the events, and who can be objective about history after the fact. Why such a lie? History reports that the Aliies and the people at home in Canada and America could scarcely believe what they were being told. There had been rumours of some atrocities but it was the evidence of those who actually were there, boots on the ground, ordinary soldiers sickened and horrified by what they found.

Her Mother Was Right

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