Day: July 15, 2016

UK’s new PM Theresa May

Prime Minister May 4551

She may not be the next Margaret Thatcher but she is already kicking cabinet butt and I like that she is going directly to Scotland to try and mend that fence.  Good move.

She’s incorporating some of the Brexit people so it seems to me she wants to move forward with the job of independence, but at the same time is trying to unify the Kingdom.

I think leaders like Justin Trudeau and Barack Obama need to get over their gloomy tsk-tsk-ing about Brexit and extend a public hand to Theresa May.  Unless of course they secretly hope she and the UK are not successful and prosperous.

Who do you pray to?

Perhaps it is too early after the horror to say this, but I hear it every time there is an event of this nature, and I hear it from people who should know better, including national leaders, etc.

Maybe it is a small point but it irritates me to no end to hear people say, “our prayers go out to the families of the victims” or something similar.

Really, you are going to pray to the families of the victims?  It is they that need you to pray for them, presumeably to someone powerful like God who can do someting to help them.

Now, if you said, “our prayers go out FOR the families of the victims” it would make sense.

Horror in Nice

Where does evil come from? It is hard to tell from this man’s background…

How do you quantify this? Not typical terrorism, not a typical terrorist. A deadly puzzle…

There is already so much outrage and by what I’ve heard people saying, it is beginning to sound like retribution is on everyone’s mind.
Understandable, but until there is some sense made of how and why this Tunisian went ahead and did this it may be a little early to go into action.