Please… you might fool brain-washed college students…

“They feel threatened by a world that is changing in ways that they don’t understand, much less like.””They fear losing their jobs, their country and their culture, and they are poised to lash out in ways that are dangerous and shameful.”

Pure journalistic condescending twaddle… they do understand what is happening.

And they won’t be shamed into shutting up and letting it happen to them while the corporatists, the globalists and the fat-cat money changers get bloated on the fluff economy, and the elitists of political correctness form their social and immigration policy. Its the same mood as Brexit.

Problem for the Skidmores of this world and their scary Nazi analogy is the the far left is just as fed up with the corporate control of their country. That is what Bernie Saunders was all about. They want independence back too.

Of course, when all else fails, compare your opponent to Hitler and supporters to the Nazis. Nobody”s buying it in the real world. They may be running a real sorry horse, but nobody else showed up they could trust not to sell out.

If the Libertarians could get into the presidential debate, all those Trump and Bernie supporters would have a look at a real candidate who would get done what they want done.