Day: July 13, 2016

The Money Changers

Someone asked why do you talk of money changers?
Matthew 21:12, Mark 11:15, John 2:14-15 of the New Testament.

So what is the moral difference between those who sold temple money at a profit to the poor, and those people today who package and re-package money created out of thin air in the form of debt, and sell it as a “product” creating air upon air.

They never create anything tangible of value, they never produce anything, yet in 2008 their greed and games nearly crashed the entire North American system. Guess what, that was eight years and many bailouts ago and the American banks and financial institutions went right back at it, and today the total air economy is now ten times what it was then.

Who will bail them out this time?

Please… you might fool brain-washed college students…

“They feel threatened by a world that is changing in ways that they don’t understand, much less like.””They fear losing their jobs, their country and their culture, and they are poised to lash out in ways that are dangerous and shameful.”

Pure journalistic condescending twaddle… they do understand what is happening. Read more

Seriously? Anti-semetic?

If this seriously is considered anti-semetic then we know why the Democrats have the candidate they have for president. Their minds have gone and they have the candidate they deserve.