What’s New

There is one thing that is at the top of everyone’s mind of course.


It is now midway through April 2020 and the immediate future is quite up in the air.

We haven’t been here on the blog for some time. A variety of reasons, as always, mostly time.

Perhaps we will be back here more often as time goes by.

There are a myriad of stories that could be covered, so many in fact that it would be almost impossible to take them all on, even in general categories.

What would be interesting is the big picture. In some ways it is obscure at this point, in other ways it is becoming clear. Perhaps we should have a look at that.

Been Awhile

Just an Update. Other major projects on the go. Trying to co-ordinate back to this site and put it all together. Will be posting soon.

I Don’t Think They Fully Understand What They Have Just Unleashed in America

Chinese style censorship.  The monopoly Tech Corporations that did this are staffed by the same people who were sure Hillary would win.  They didn’t understand the American people and they still don’t.

They are driving a lot of middle of the road and left-leaning Americans over to Trump and they don’t even realize it.  As this ramps up and the MSM thinks they are going to get their viewer base back, hopefully it will be settled legally and/or legislatively.  But there is a growing mood in America to take to the streets and meet the Soros funded communists head on.

Civil war is a distinct possibility.  May freedom of speech win without bloodshed.

Backlash: YouTubers Defend Alex Jones After Platform Bans All Content